artsnap, Hong Kong

12th-13th November 2016
artsnap, Kwai Tsing Theatre
Hong Kong

We found 266 locations over two days:


Full details will be available on the Hong Kong page shortly.

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Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

On 12th & 13th November 2016 I will be taking the project to Kwai Tsing Theatre in Hong Kong, as part of Art Snap:
“ArtSnap, a mini-festival within a festival, returns with an array of dynamic performances over two weekends, providing fringe and experimental artistic endeavours that utilise every corner of the Kwai Tsing Theatre building and beyond.”


We will be taking four routes, each originating at the theatre, and each tackling slightly different urban areas: a shopping area, a sports ground and residential area, an elevated walkway above heavy traffic, and an industrial packing area.

Kwai Tsing large banner

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Making Space

Making Space

Minories 54

Minories 56

Minories 59

Hear a Pin Drop Here was represented at The Minories Gallery, Colchester in 2015. It included ten images from pin drops in Edinburgh, Yokohama, and Battersea.

Images courtesy of Kaavous Clayton.

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Monomania video by Brother Bear

Here’s a lovely short video of the Monomania pin dropping workshops, by Brother Bear.

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Pin-dropping in Cambridge

mm1 mm2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm7


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Monomania route

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Monomania 8th March 2014

I will be dropping pins with willing participants on the route between Cambridge Junction and Aid&Abet, on Saturday 8th March 2014. This is part of an exciting programme of work at Monomania Festival.

The route has changed dramatically since I grew up in the city, with huge apartment blocks and corporate landscaping neatly linking the station with Hills Road bridge. It used to be a sneaky shortcut through a semi-derelict gravelly car park with a scrap dealer and buddleia bushes.

Let’s see if we can still find somewhere quiet between the two points.

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Saturday: new locations

There are now a few more locations that have been added by other visitors:

Other locationsThat brings the total up to 261!

Saturday Banner


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Battersea Tour

Here are some images of Friday’s tour:












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Map of Photographs

Here’s a map with the photographs in their locations. There are so many images this time that it displays them in two pages, so to see the second batch click on ‘View Larger Map’ and then scroll down at the left.

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