Yokohama Monday 11th February / 2月11日(月) 横浜

This is the area I covered in one hour this afternoon. It was limited by the fact that I lost all four of the pins that I took out with me. Note to self: be less optimistic tomorrow, and take a box of pins.


Yokohama Map Monday

You might notice that there are two dots outside of the map. That’s because I mis-read my own map earlier and thought I had to go around the back of my hotel. I’ve included the photos anyway, as there is a lovely flowerbed in the first one! So seven locations for an hour on day one, all four pins missing:


Yokohama 1 extra Yokohama 2 extra Yokohama 3 Yokohama 4 Yokohama 5 Yokohama 6 Yokohama 7

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Getting my bearings… / 位置確認…

HAPDH Yokohama maps

I’m sitting in my hotel room on Monday morning, comparing my map to the official TPAM map. So far it’s reasonably accurate, and certainly adequate for marking pin dropping locations. My hotel is just in the bottom left hand corner, so potentially I could get started today before my introductory meeting…

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Yokohama pin-dropping coming soon / 横浜へ

In February 2013 I will be surveying the streets of Yokohama, and presenting my findings in a performance lecture as part of Forest Fringe at TPAM.

I am currently wondering if carrying a large box of pins in my luggage will raise suspicions at customs…

2013年2月、フォレスト・フリンジat TPAMの一環で、横浜の街を調べ、その結果をパフォーマンス・レクチャーで発表します。
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Lauriston Halls presentation

Here are two photos from Friday’s presentation:

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Day 6

19 locations on the final day!

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Day 5

10 locations today: the Southwest corner was very noisy with traffic and construction, so I am surprised I managed to find as many as that.

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Trailer for Friday’s show

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Day 4

9 locations today, as a large section of the map was inaccessible due to path subsidence!

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Day 3 Victoria Street

Here is the Victoria Street photograph I forgot to take yesterday. I should point out that at each location I am filling in a very thorough survey form and making a rubbing of the floor surface, just in case you were wondering how it was possible to forget to take the photo!

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Day 3

Very wet today, and as a result I’m missing one photograph of a spot on Victoria Street because it got too rainy and I got a bit grumpy. I’ll take one tomorrow to fill in the gap! So 13 locations, only 12 displayed below:

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