Yokohama Friday 15th February

Yokohama Map Friday

It was raining today, which usually affects this project: water on the pavement stops the pins from jumping back up and resonating. However, I did find 5 extra locations today, bringing the total up to 75.

71 72 73 74 75

I’ve also had my first three contributions from visitors added to the map. Their locations look like this:

Your locationsand mine look like this:

My locationsWhen I was in the studio I decided to test the difference between dropping a pin point first, and dropping it parallel to the ground. I dropped 25 of each onto a central point and marked the locations they bounced to. The average distance a ‘parallel’ pin travelled was 14.2cm, whereas the average distance a ‘point-first’ pin travelled was 30.3cm. This means that a pin dropped point-first will be flying back up through the air for longer, which gives you more chance of hearing it resonate before it is deadened by the second contact with the floor.


About Holly Rumble

Holly Rumble is an artist based in Glasgow, UK.
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