Yokohama Tuesday 12th February / 2月12日(火) 横浜

I began sketching a 2m version of my map onto a white wall in the BankART Studio today, in anticipation of publicly annotating it with my locations. For the time being, they are recorded on this map, with the area covered shaded in pencil. I’m up to a total of 25 locations so far, with a total of 10 pins lost….

会場のBankART Studio

Yokohama Map Tuesday

I was in a much more open space today, with ferry terminals and parks, which explains the high hit rate. Here are my locations for today:


Yokohama 8 Yokohama 9 Yokohama 10 Yokohama 11 Yokohama 12 Yokohama 13 Yokohama 14 Yokohama 15 Yokohama 16 Yokohama 17 Yokohama 18 Yokohama 19 Yokohama 20 Yokohama 21 Yokohama 22 Yokohama 23 Yokohama 24 Yokohama 25


About Holly Rumble

Holly Rumble is an artist based in Glasgow, UK.
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